mercredi 14 mars 2012

Feowl: data journalism for better electricity supply in Douala

Two months ago my boyfriend desperately tried to make a call to Douala, Cameroon. He was panicked because he had an appointment with his cousin on Skype and couldn't reach him. I told him there was probably a power cut, and advised him to wait. He replied that he was worried. The lack of electricity had just killed 6 people in a bar where his cousin works in the popular area of Bepanda. What happened : electricity was cut, and the owner of the bar turned on his generator. A few minutes later, power was back, and this caused the high voltage that created the fatal fire.

I thought: "This fire could have been avoided if the owner of the bar had known there would be a power cut, and the time when electricity would be back." Fortunately, my boyfriend's cousin wasn't working that night. An ordinary story.

Power cuts are a scourge in Cameroon, like in many other African countries. It goes to the point that only 20 % of the population have access to electricity, according to estimations by local civil society organizations, while the country has the 2nd hydroelectric potential of the continent.

This clearly has consequences on the economic vitality of the country and the social development of the people.

That's where our project comes in. 

What can be measured can be changed

Feowl is a platform that aims to provide data on the issue of electricity supply in Douala, Cameroon's economic capital : it will federate and give voice to those who are deprived of an essential service, and bring to the company in charge of electricity supply data related to real users' needs.

But to be implemented, Feowl needs your support. The project is now competing at the Knight News Challenge. Here is what you can do to show Feowl some love :-)

Click on this link, you will find a more detailed presentation of the project. If you have a Tumblr Account, you will just have to click on the heart icon:

If you don't, you will have to scroll down until you find this:

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In any case, you can still have a look at the beautiful infographics designed by ppfffff-design. Thanks for your support.

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