mercredi 23 mai 2012

Internet At Liberty 2012 Conference: Let's Discuss The Future Of Free Speech Online

What is the future of freedom of expression on the Internet, at a time when in several parts of the world, governments (fr) are increasingly advocating for the control of the digital space ?

Hard at work 6/365
Hard at work 6/365Par Louish Pixel ☆ CC - Flickr / Creative Commons

Internet activists, academics, and policy makers will discuss this issue on May 23, and May 24, 2012 during the Internet at Liberty conference, sponsored by Google in Washington DC.

I have the honour to attend the event, live from the Newseum. I am really looking forward to exchanges on this crucial issue: free speech online is particularly at risk on the African continent.

A livestream of the conference will be available on Youtube. You can use hashtag #InternetLiberty on Twitter and follow @InternetLiberty for updates, comments and questions.


dimanche 20 mai 2012

Happy reunification day !

On May 20, 1972, the Federal Republic of Cameroon became the United Republic of Cameroon. Following a referendum, the english speaking part and the francophone one unified in the same unitary State. 
As some express a slight inclination towards secessionism (fr), I highly recommend the reading of this post (fr) by Cameroonian blogger Jasemene Emene Mpacko: it reminds us that despite the difficulties that may sometimes face 200 "ethnic groups" in living together,
  The Cameroonian is a strength that ignores itself, a neglected potential, he/she cultivates futile divisions, but he/she is also a free spirit, a soul of warrior, a heart of gold.
Happy reunification day to all my sisters and brothers of the "Little Africa":-) !

Bonne fête de la réunification !

Le 20 mai 1972, la République Fédérale du Cameroun devient, à la suite d'un référendum, la République Unie du Cameroun. La partie anglophone et francophone du pays se sont ainsi vues réunifiées dans un seul et même État unitaire. 

En ces temps où certains expriment des velléités sécessionnistes, je conseille vivement la lecture de ce billet de la blogueuse camerounaise Jasemene Emene Mpacko : elle nous rappelle avec justesse que malgré les difficultés que peuvent parfois éprouver 200 "ethnies" à vivre ensemble,
Le camerounais est UNE FORCE qui s’ignore, un potentiel négligé, des divisions futiles qu’il cultive, un esprit libre, une ame de guerrier, un coeur d’or.
Bonne fête à toutes mes soeurs et tous mes frères de la "Little Africa" :-) !