mercredi 23 mai 2012

Internet At Liberty 2012 Conference: Let's Discuss The Future Of Free Speech Online

What is the future of freedom of expression on the Internet, at a time when in several parts of the world, governments (fr) are increasingly advocating for the control of the digital space ?

Hard at work 6/365
Hard at work 6/365Par Louish Pixel ☆ CC - Flickr / Creative Commons

Internet activists, academics, and policy makers will discuss this issue on May 23, and May 24, 2012 during the Internet at Liberty conference, sponsored by Google in Washington DC.

I have the honour to attend the event, live from the Newseum. I am really looking forward to exchanges on this crucial issue: free speech online is particularly at risk on the African continent.

A livestream of the conference will be available on Youtube. You can use hashtag #InternetLiberty on Twitter and follow @InternetLiberty for updates, comments and questions.


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